Why do you ride a motorcycle?

I had a vision last night of putting together a series of pictures with captions explaining, “Why I ride a motorcycle.” Something like this.

Why I Ride


Your ideas are always better than mine alone.

So I need your help!

Why do YOU ride a motorcycle?

Post the reasons you ride in the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of this page.

  1. Keep it short (10 words or fewer).
  2. List your NAME and LOCATION if you would like for me to give you credit for your quote. You can abbreviate your name if you would like.
  3. Share as many reasons as you like!

Your reasons can be long too. But I won’t be able to use them in my picture idea. By sharing your quotes you are giving me the right to use them in all media formats (online, print, electronically, book, ebook, and video).

Let’s have fun with this!
Thanks, David

PS. You can send me your ideas directly if you would prefer using the Contact Button under the About Tab.