Motorcycle mirror extenders — How to see less of you and more of the guy behind you

One of the biggest problems I’ve had with my Sport Touring Motorcycles is seeing behind me while riding.

motorcycle mirror extendersThe problem is simple, my body is too wide and my motorcycle stock mirrors don’t extend wide enough so I can see clearly behind me. I had to do something to resolve this problem.

Who needs motorcycle mirror extenders?

1. Guys and gals who are large. I’m a big guy.
2. Riders with motorcycle mirrors that don’t extend far enough from the motorcycle. The mirrors on my sport-touring Triumph Sprint ST don’t extend far enough from the motorcycle.

Is this you, too? With my stock motorcycle mirrors, I was constantly shifting my riding lane so I could get a view of the traffic behind me. This was dangerous. I’m sure people thought I had some kind of itch or physical ailment as I weaved around in my driving lane. I looked like a NASCAR driver scrubbing debris from my tires as I readied for the green flag.

Mirror extenders solved my problem

Motorcycle mirror extenders allowed me to “extend” the length of my mirrors out from the motorcycle an additional one inch or so. This inch made a huge difference. I can now see directly behind me without doing contortionist moves while riding. They were easy to install and only cost $70.

Aesthetically, they look great. You probably wouldn’t even notice them unless I told you I had added them.

Motorcycle mirror extenders are easy to find

I found the best deal for my Triumph at Sky King Products. Sky King is a small company and they are very responsive. Sky King has accessories for most of the popular sport bikes and sport-touring motorcycles.

If you see more of ‘you’ and less of ‘the guy behind you’ in your mirrors, install a set of mirror extenders on your motorcycle.

Consider it the safe thing to do… like adding eyes to the back of your helmet.

Mike Shell