Listener feedback


One of the best parts of producing the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast is receiving listener feedback. I enjoy hearing your story. Below is the most recent feedback from listeners (posted with their permission). I’d love to hear from you too. Contact me here.



After a nice afternoon ride, my wife and I like to sit on our back deck and listen to the latest episode of “The Motorcycle Mentor Podcast!”

Thank you David for explaining to us non-Rocket Scientist type people how to ride safer and how our bikes work!

We appreciate all your hard work!

Evan and Sandra Kooker
Marmora, NJ

jeff pyperJust found your podcast. Love the first four. I found myself agreeing with most of your comments and suggestions. Laughed a little. I’m 53 and started riding four years ago on a 83 Honda 500. Now I’m on an ’05 Kawasaki Concours. My wife just took her first weekend ride with me of 260 miles. She is nervous but enjoyed the ride. I learned a little bit more about 2 up riding. It’s hard to find good conversation for riders new and old. I ride with a couple of friends occasionally.

Still difficult to make time, between work, family and other responsibilities. Mostly I consider myself a lone wolf on the road. But I enjoy the time I have. Looking forward to listening to more conversation. Keep up the good work.

Thank you

Jeff Pyper
Spokane, WA

Hi David
As most people who look to learn to ride a motorbike I have been scouring the Internet for reviews, tips, articles and info for the UK and beyond, all from a beginners perspective. This is how I came across your excellent website and podcast! It’s so informative and helpful and I would like to thank you for your dedication and passion for sharing all this knowledge!

Keep up the good work!

Ben Delves

Damon motorcycleThx for the great podcast and website, David. I’m 38 and from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I actually don’t have a bike yet. I start the motorcycle training program soon. I plan on starting a journal as well. It’s a big moment for me as I’m a little nervous but excited. I’ve had a few life changes the last several years and this will be one of them. Part of these changes is not being afraid to try things and putting my all into life and seeing where it takes me. Thx again, David.

Nova Scotia, Canada


randy smithI have been riding now thirty plus years (on and off) and I find myself always trying to learn how to do it better, each year I take the MSF Basic Rider Course 2 with one of my bikes and now that my wife has started to ride her own bike it is even more important to keep learning. Your Podcast and website is an invaluable asset to the new and even to old riding community.

Thank you for your time and effort on behalf of the riding community.

Randy Smith
Indianapolis, IN

Thanks so much for providing great quality info! I subscribed and binge listened to all episodes available. Also left 5 stars on iTunes right away! I’m 33 and about to get my first bike. But that friend’s 50cc Honda Ruckus that gave me the bug could not get up a decent hill, so might as well start with at least a 250! Can’t wait!

Keep em coming!


Hi David,

Gary RuuskaFirst, I want to thank you for your podcast. I really appreciate your thoughtful approach and willingness to share your knowledge and ideas on motorcycling. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to craft a high quality podcast such as Motorcycle Mentor.

I’m not getting any younger, 62 now, or any more limber so I thought it might be time to twist a throttle again. Luckily, I have a friend who has more motorcycles than he can ride. He has generously offered me the use of a well maintained Hyosung 650 Comet GT for the summer. Having it to ride will give me a chance to get my “bike legs” back before I go and buy something.

Thank you for being a big part of my reintroduction to motorcycling. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find a podcast, or any information, that was aimed at someone like me. I hope you will see fit to continue producing your podcast and helping returning and beginning riders well into the future.


Gary Ruuska
Gardner, MA

doug cooperIn the last Podcast I listened to, you seemed to be questioning whether to continue doing this podcast. I wanted to let you know that I listen to your podcast religiously. I too started riding motorcycles in my 40’s (less than a year ago), and have found your insights invaluable. The podcast is the best format for me, as it allows me to listen regularly during my morning exercise or commute.

Please continue your great work with the podcast. Thank you.

Doug Cooper

Hello David,

My husband John and I have really enjoyed listening to your podcasts on beginning motorcycling, thank you so much, it’s been so helpful. My husband aged 53 (we are both the same age) is a beginning rider and he recently bought a KLR 650. He has wanted a bike forever but the time was never really right for him with family commitments and work. He bought the bike in February this year and has taken it all very seriously, he’s taken a number of training courses,which is reassuring.

I got my Virago just 3 weeks ago, so exciting! It’s an import from the U.S. I was so scared, petrified! I am very aware of the dangers. I am most fearful at this stage of my own errors but also aware of other people on the road too, I am not going too fast at this stage, usually about 60 kilometres but have been up to 80 briefly. It’s just so much fun, exhilarating, and I am gradually getting over the extreme fear, but I think a bit of fear is good, keeps me alert and aware.

Thank you so much for the podcasts, both my husband and I have so enjoyed listening to them. We are looking every week to see if number 17 has come out yet.?!?!??

Fay and John Cooper
Auckalnd, New Zealand.

Dear David,

christy_andyI was happy to see a new MotorcycleMentor episode available in my iTunes subscription. I always learn something when I listen to your podcasts and it’s nice to hear a friendly, caring American voice. So I did what you ask your listeners to do, I commented, rated, and signed up for your newsletter.

Since signing up for the newsletter, I’ve received your email about the loss of your father. I’m a stranger, an anonymous listener, who knows your voice and has been thankful to you for sharing your experience. I am sorry to read that your father has passed. I hope you find comfort and strength together with your family. As I wrote on your show page, take your time. I have subscribed to your podcast and I’ll always be glad to see there’s a new MotorcycleMentor podcast to hear you again — whenever it is!

Your podcast has been with me throughout this new experience and has given me a lot to reflect on to help me improve my skills. I really appreciate your frankness, honesty and sensible approach to riding. You’re an awesome mentor!

Sincere thanks,


kevin_parkerI just started thinking about riding about three weeks ago after two or three times previously. I made a commitment to myself to take it seriously this time and have found your podcast very informative. I hope you continue to make the podcast. Yesterday I found it and listened to 10 in one day.

I am 32 so even though I’m not 40 or older, I could relate to your story getting into riding later in life. I like the engineering spin you bring to it too because I come from a Computer Science background.

Thanks again for producing the podcast and I hope to continue listening. I hope you can get your mentor on for an interview.

Kevin Parker
Hatboro, PA.


bryan_drennanI just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your work on this podcast. At 40 years old I am a late starter to riding, and I find your podcasts very relevant and helpful. I really enjoy riding and while I don’t have a local “mentor” I do look forward to each new podcast and I always find something valuable that I can use right away. I started slowly and focus on improving at least one skill on each ride. I now have put almost 250 miles on my brand new motorcycle.

Keep up the good work.

Bryan Drennan

Hello David,


Jeff after his first 20 mile ride on his 2007 Yamaha V Star Classic

I really enjoy your podcast. It has been a great resource for me as I get into riding. I am almost 30 years old and a brand new rider. I just took the MSF BRC two weekends ago. Getting started with riding I knew there was a lot I needed to know and your show help me get some answers and some questions I needed to ask myself. Thank you so much for helping me get started on the right track.

When I was in my MSF course a funny thing happened. I recognized a reference that my RiderCoach made as being from your show. This surprised me at first but it turned out that Kevin and I are both fans of yours. Please keep up the good work for your fans all over the country even small town VT.

Jeff Green
Randolph, VT

I love your podcasts! I just completed the MSF basic course and got my license with my friend last August. We both turned 40 this year and sought out to buy a bike. Fortunately, my friend Bryan won a custom Yamaha Raider SCL, while I had every major appliance in the house blow, and two kids that need braces. Needless to say, I have to put my dream on hold for a little while longer, but I did manage to rent a Harley Street Glide Special last weekend and planned a ride using a lot of the great information I heard from your podcast!

For my first real ride, I was surprised at how much I remembered from your show, and how confident i felt out on the highways and twisties!

Anyway, keep doing what you are doing, I am loving it and learning so much from it.
Thanks David!!

Ron Slate
Easton, PA

I just started listening to your podcast. I am looking forward to more episodes. I am 34, just got my first bike a honda VT 600 used for a great price. I’m signed up for a beginners course at my local tech college and am waiting to start riding until I complete that course in a couple weeks. I’m really enjoying the info and insight that your podcast and website provide!

Thanks for the hard work and good information.

Joe O’Handley
Easley, SC

As a voracious motorcycle podcast listener (usually while doing work on my current MC restoration), I have yet to find a podcast that reaches this quality level, most importantly measured in the value of the information delivered. The three podcasts re Snell ratings alone were invaluable.

I just finished the one on the Hurt report and this will change the way I ride.

Thank you for what you do…I’ll do what I can to get the word out to fellow riders.

Scott Bass
Eugene, Oregon