MMP 23: The Motorcycle Mentor Podcast 2.0 Is Here! [Podcast]

When I paused the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast to focus all my attention on another motorcycle-related bucket list item, I had no idea it would take me six years.

Motorcycle Mentor Podcast

Frankly, without a new episode for so long, I figured this podcast would sink into an undiscoverable slot on the iTunes charts. But that never happened. In fact, the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast has consistently remained one of the highest-rated podcasts about motorcycling.

I’m overwhelmed by this. I’m deeply honored by this.

Thanks to all the listeners who reached out, encouraging me to make new episodes. 

Well, I listened. 

The Motorcycle Mentor Podcast is back!

I can’t begin to describe how excited I am. I’ve hired someone to produce the podcast, and she’s amazing. But if I’m honest, I’m also a little nervous.

In this session, I cover all this and more.