My Daddy just bought a motorcycle and now he smiles

Note: My daughter, Maddie Mixson, wrote this in 2005 when she was 11. I had just purchased my first motorcycle, a red Honda VFR Interceptor. Kids grow up too fast. She is now in college at the University of Alabama.

maddie mixson

Hi my name is Maddie Mixson and David Mixson is my Dad

I am going to tell the story of when my Dad got his motorcycle.

One day while we were still living in our apartment I heard the sound of a motorcycle coming to a stop. I was thinking, “Oh my goodness, what if that is Daddy!”

I waited for him to come in and I saw a certain pair of keys that I didn’t recognize. Then he put out his hands and showed the new keys to my brother and me. My mom was asleep at the time.

My Dad said, “Come outside and look.” My heart was racing and sure enough there — right in front of me — was a brand new motorcycle! It was my Dad’s!

He had been talking about getting a motorcycle but I never knew it would be today. When he puts on his yellow riding jacket and bright helmet it makes him look great!

When my mom woke up she was so surprised! She told us (and Daddy) that we were NOT allowed to ride on his new toy. After some intense negotiations with her, she agreed to let him take us for a ride in the parking lot.

It was really fun

My Dad has had his motorcycle for a couple of years and knows a lot of stuff about it and he is very passionate about motorcycles. He loves to analyze and study things. I think I got that characteristic from him.

I love my Dad very much and he is the smartest Dad ever! He is the greatest engineer I have met and knows a lot about that too. That is a good thing because he is really good at helping me with my advanced math homework.

When my Dad comes home from riding there is always a smile on his face.

Maddie Mixson

Funny how she noticed the smile 🙂