How I fixed my foggy helmet problem for $15

Falling leaves, frosty mornings, and blues skies are what make a great fall morning for me; but unfortunately the cool weather makes for a foggy helmet.

foggy helmetNothing beats riding to the office as the sun rises on a gorgeous fall day. With one exception.

Foggy helmets are dangerous

Cool weather brings the annoying foggy helmet shield. Foggy shields are more than annoying. They’re dangerous. Condensation on your shield can form in a breath and can distract you for that fraction of a second that can cause an accident.

Solutions to foggy shields are almost as common as solutions for the hiccups. I have tried several including a multitude of spray-on solutions and the scuba diver’s choice of saliva. None of these really worked to my satisfaction. Your mileage may vary.

My foggy helmet fix

My favorite solution to a foggy helmet is the Fog City Fog Shield. It’s a plastic visor-shaped stick-on that attaches to the inside of your helmet shield. The Fog City shield creates an air barrier between you and your shield and thus eliminates the shield condensation. The barrier creates an insulating barrier just like your home window’s double-pane glass. The Fog Shield is easy to attach. Just follow the directions and you are ready in two minutes.

Since installing my Fog City shield, I’ve enjoyed many cool Fall and Winter mornings – moisture free.

You can find the Fog City shields here on Amazon.

Mike Shell