Honda CB750 project bike found on Craigslist – or so I thought

If you listened to Episode #10 of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, you know I’m looking for an old Honda CB750 to rebuild with my son.

Well I found the perfect, not so perfect, motorcycle. It’s located just two hours away and it’s dirt cheap. So far so good.

Learn more by watching the short video I made before leaving to pick it up.


Unfortunately, the seller text me the evening before I was to pick it up
and said:

“Hey man, I’m sorry to say I sold the bike to a guy in the camp ground that showed up with $800 in hand and bought it about 20 min ago… plus he gave me a trollin motor.”

I was saddened but quickly realized I had no chance competing with a guy with a trollin motor.

Life spared or great deal slipped through my hands? Who knows.

Isn’t she beautiful. She was almost mine.


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