Tour MotorcycleMentor

We are feverishly working on adding content to the site. Once we get about 75% complete I will make a short video explaining how to navigate MotorcycleMentor.

For now, here’s the best way to navigate the site

All the content on the site can be found by using the top navigation links (Home, About, Beginner Rider, New to Site, Helmet Thoughts, Resources). I built the site to work equally well with computers, smart phones and tablets.

  • You can navigate back home by selecting the “Home” navigation tab.
  • You can learn more about MotorcycleMentor and the Contributors under the “About” navigation tab.
  • You can make contact with us under the “Contact” navigation tab which will show if you put your mouse over the “About” navigation tab.
  • You can find the bulk of content for the site under the “Beginner Rider” navigation tab. Here you will find tons of information that will help beginner riders survive and prosper during their first year of motorcycle ownership.
  • You are currently viewing the “New to Site” navigation tab.
  • You can read some of our light hearted posts about the emotional aspects of riding under the “Helmet Thoughts” navigation tab.
  • You can find resources we have produced and those that we recommend under the “Resources” navigation tab.

That’s it… pretty simple, huh?

Ride Smart,