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Selecting the right motorcycle riding gear – From a women’s perspective

Many factors will influence your choice of motorcycle riding gear. Some of the most important are the type of riding you will be doing, the kind of weather conditions you’ll be riding in and your budget. Here are some specific tips for considering the many choices that will face you. Think safety before fashion Have […]

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Planning the ride of a lifetime – Christy from Germany

Dear David, I was happy to see a new Motorcycle Mentor Podcast episode available in my iTunes subscription. Then, awe… it’s about insurance… it won’t apply to me, but I listened and enjoyed it anyway! I always learn something when I listen to your Podcasts and it’s nice to hear a friendly, caring American voice. […]

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Motorcycle group riding tips: Ride your own ride

Every human has a sense of his or her own personal space. This specific and individual feeling will determine, for instance, how far we stand from another person in a conversation. The feeling (and thus the space) is driven by many things: the culture we live in (Europeans seem to have smaller personal spaces than […]

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Riding two up: Mounting the Bike… [Part 2]

There’s more than one way for a passenger (rider #2) to mount a motorcycle and people find their own styles. There are two basic ways suggested below but what is most important is that you mount smoothly, efficiently and with full awareness by rider #1. Sound easy? Well, it is, most times, but like many […]

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Riding two up: Before you get going… [Part 1]

The first time I rode two up on the back of a motorcycle I was sure I was going to blow off. I held on for dear life. I did as I was instructed — put my hands on the driver’s waist (rider #1) and relaxed. Well, I tried to relax. The first few miles […]

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