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Which motorcycle should I buy?

There is no doubt that humans like to personalize their things. We want to leave our mark. Be it our initials carved into a tree, the bumper stickers on our car, or the look we project as we cruise the boulevard.  For some reason, anyone who gets into riding will feel especially needful of selecting JUST the right motorcycle […]

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Motorcycle group riding tips: Ride your own ride

Every human has a sense of his or her own personal space. This specific and individual feeling will determine, for instance, how far we stand from another person in a conversation. The feeling (and thus the space) is driven by many things: the culture we live in (Europeans seem to have smaller personal spaces than […]

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THE Motorcycle Mentor now on Facebook

You spoke and I [finally] listened. UPDATE: Within minutes I had 25 “Likes”. Two days later I had 100… You rock! I still need your help. Please “Like” the page on Facebook (see link below). Thanks in advance for doing this. It really helps. While I was slow to jump on-board, Facebook is proving to […]

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MMP 08: 9 Reasons to ride a motorcycle [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I share 9 reasons to own a motorcycle. I gave you 7 reasons NOT to own a motorcycle back in podcast #3, and I promised to give you the other side of the argument. Well, here it is. I’m always reluctant to advise someone to purchase a […]

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Motorcycle Mentor Podcast

MMP 05: How to select your first (or next) motorcycle [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I share my 8 rules for selecting your first, or next, motorcycle. Follow these steps and avoid the pitfalls of buying a motorcycle that you later hate. The guidelines explained here work perfectly for selecting your second motorcycle, your third motorcycle… or your tenth motorcycle. These are […]

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