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Planning the ride of a lifetime – Christy from Germany

Dear David, I was happy to see a new Motorcycle Mentor Podcast episode available in my iTunes subscription. Then, awe… it’s about insurance… it won’t apply to me, but I listened and enjoyed it anyway! I always learn something when I listen to your Podcasts and it’s nice to hear a friendly, caring American voice. […]

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Motorcycle group riding tips: Ride your own ride

Every human has a sense of his or her own personal space. This specific and individual feeling will determine, for instance, how far we stand from another person in a conversation. The feeling (and thus the space) is driven by many things: the culture we live in (Europeans seem to have smaller personal spaces than […]

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Motorcycle training course

3 Ways to ace your first motorcycle training course

Do you want to get the most from your first motorcycle training course? Beginner riders should take a hands-on motorcycle training course before they buy a motorcycle, and another course sometime during their first year riding. Experienced riders should also take hands-on training to maintain/improve their riding skills. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) conducts one […]

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