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Honda CB750 project bike found on Craigslist – or so I thought

If you listened to Episode #10 of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, you know I’m looking for an old Honda CB750 to rebuild with my son. Well I found the perfect, not so perfect, motorcycle. It’s located just two hours away and it’s dirt cheap. So far so good. Learn more by watching the short video […]

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The early days — Triumph Tiger T110

One of my persistent memories of The Early Days recalls having difficulty mastering the manly art of kick-starting a British motorcycle. The offender in this case was my newly-acquired 1956 Triumph Tiger T110 — a magneto-sparked 650cc overhead-valve vertical twin. You had to kick the snot out of it with your right hind leg while […]

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Helmet Thoughts

Riding a motorcycle at night — in the remnants of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina had pummeled New Orleans all weekend. On the Monday evening immediately following this event, I was scheduled to teach at the local tech school, twenty miles away. It was no secret some bigtime rain was headed toward north Georgia. Since the subject was ‘motorcycle cooling systems,’ I would need to bring a bike […]

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Riding into a river of rats

Just the slightest hint of dawn in the eastern sky heralded another blistering hot day on the training range. Knowing that it would soon be light enough that my heavily tinted face shield wouldn’t be a handicap, I headed out the drive with the shield raised so my unguarded eyes could penetrate the darkness. Haunted […]

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Bikers on dope – or is it the other way around?

“Bwa-a-a-a-a-a-pp!” “Bwa-a-a-a-a-a-pp!” “Bro-o-o-o-oahrrrr!” Stop light to stoplight; it’s the same thing over and over. First, he repeatedly gooses the throttle while waiting for the light to change. Then, the instant the light turns to green, the alpha cruiser guns it toward the next light, “Bro-o-o-o-oahrrrr!” wide-open, and then slams on his brakes to wait for […]

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