motorcycle mirror extenders

Motorcycle mirror extenders — How to see less of you and more of the guy behind you

One of the biggest problems I’ve had with my Sport Touring Motorcycles is seeing behind me while riding. The problem is simple, my body is too wide and my motorcycle stock mirrors don’t extend wide enough so I can see clearly behind me. I had to do something to resolve this problem. Who needs motorcycle […]

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beginner motorcycle buying guide

Beginner motorcycle buying guide — from a woman’s perspective

Looking for a beginner motorcycle buying guide? Investing in a beginner motorcycle is a major decision with many factors to consider. It’s a decision to be made calmly, based on clear thinking and adequate research. There’s plenty of opportunity for fun and spontaneity in acquiring your first bike, but starting with some homework before getting […]

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beginner motorcycles

Beginner motorcycles: Riding the first 500 miles in my driveway

In 1997 I was into beginner motorcycles. I was a novice, rookie, newbie, just starting to ride motorcycles, with absolutely no training, I embarked on a journey that continues to this day. Needless to say, handling a 700 pound motorcycle with a 1500cc (big engine for 97) was scary as hell and a thrilling adrenalin […]

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starting motorcycle on a hill

Starting a motorcycle on a hill — the right way

It happens way too often. Your favorite back-road terminates on a steep hill at a busy thoroughfare, and now you’ve got the tricky job of starting your motorcycle on a steep hill as you merge with traffic. To make matters worse, some BDC (brain dead cager) is on your taillight; you must not roll backward […]

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foggy helmet

How I fixed my foggy helmet problem for $15

Falling leaves, frosty mornings, and blues skies are what make a great fall morning for me; but unfortunately the cool weather makes for a foggy helmet. Nothing beats riding to the office as the sun rises on a gorgeous fall day. With one exception. Foggy helmets are dangerous Cool weather brings the annoying foggy helmet […]

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mike shell

Waiting 3 seconds could save your life

One of the most dangerous abuses of traffic laws is that of accelerating to get through a yellow light before it turns red. If you risk it and push hard, you might save a whole minute or 2 from your commute. Hardly worth it, but that doesn’t stop us. What you can do When you’re […]

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motorcycles for women

Are motorcycles just for men?

Not on your life! The latest statistics indicate that one out of ten U.S. motorcycle owners is a woman. With 6,617,000 documented owners that converts to about 662,000 female motorcycle owners. Another study from the Motorcycle Industry Council reports that out of an estimated 23 million motorcycle operators, roughly 4 million are female. Women ARE […]

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metric cruisers

Metric cruiser vs. Harley Davidson: Can you tell the difference?

One upon a time, after doing a tune up on my wife’s metric cruiser motorcycle, I took it for a test ride to a local convenience store. As I was walking out the door with a Coke I’d just bought, a young guy, looking at my leather jacket and helmet, commented, “Hey – that’s a […]

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best beginner motorcycle

The best beginner motorcycle – from a motorcycle instructor’s perspective

As an instructor of beginner motorcycle riders I get frequently asked, “What is the best beginner motorcycle for me?” Frankly, I don’t know what motorcycle you should buy. I do have some strong opinions regarding what motorcycle you shouldn’t buy, though! The best beginner motorcycles are used Your beginner motorcycle shouldn’t be new, or expensive, […]

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motorcyce chain lube

Why you shouldn’t use WD40 to lube your motorcycle chain

When the hot-button thread of lubing vs. not lubing a chain surfaces in motorcycle discussion groups, the use of WD40 always enters the fray. Often tons of anecdotal “proof” championing WD40 as a sole lubricant follow, unhampered by scientific controls for riding style/conditions, usually involving some pretty stout mileage figures. Read everything and decide; it’s […]

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motorcycle chain lube

Motorcycle chain lube: How to make your motorcycle chain last 5x longer

UPDATE 12/2013 See comment below. Thanks Craig for passing that along. For those of us owning motorcycles with chains, proper maintenance is key. Other than riding with your chain adjusted too tight (and, unlike valves, chains tend to loosen with running) or the rear wheel mis-aligned in the swingarm, the worst form of neglect is […]

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My Daddy just bought a motorcycle and now he smiles

Note: My daughter, Maddie Mixson, wrote this in 2005 when she was 11. I had just purchased my first motorcycle, a red Honda VFR Interceptor. Kids grow up too fast. She is now in college at the University of Alabama. Hi my name is Maddie Mixson and David Mixson is my Dad I am going […]

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How to overcome FEAR when learning to ride a motorcycle

Many beginner riders experience fear when learning to ride a motorcycle. How do I know? Because I frequently receive emails asking about it, and because I experienced it myself. Learning to ride a motorcycle Every rider defines it differently. Most say it occurs when they’re riding. Some describe it as an uncomfortable feeling, while others […]

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Motorcycle training course

3 Ways to ace your first motorcycle training course

Do you want to get the most from your first motorcycle training course? Beginner riders should take a hands-on motorcycle training course before they buy a motorcycle, and another course sometime during their first year riding. Experienced riders should also take hands-on training to maintain/improve their riding skills. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) conducts one […]

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The early days — Triumph Tiger T110

One of my persistent memories of The Early Days recalls having difficulty mastering the manly art of kick-starting a British motorcycle. The offender in this case was my newly-acquired 1956 Triumph Tiger T110 — a magneto-sparked 650cc overhead-valve vertical twin. You had to kick the snot out of it with your right hind leg while […]

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