How NOT to load your motorcycle [Video]

Here’s a video I found while looking for low side crashes. Loading a motorcycle isn’t that easy, is it? Fortunately, no one is hurt while attempting to do this. But their motorcycles suffer some damage.

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Riding two up: Mounting the Bike… [Part 2]

There’s more than one way for a passenger (rider #2) to mount a motorcycle and people find their own styles. There are two basic ways suggested below but what is most important is that you mount smoothly, efficiently and with full awareness by rider #1. Sound easy? Well, it is, most times, but like many […]

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Riding two up: Before you get going… [Part 1]

The first time I rode two up on the back of a motorcycle I was sure I was going to blow off. I held on for dear life. I did as I was instructed — put my hands on the driver’s waist (rider #1) and relaxed. Well, I tried to relax. The first few miles […]

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How to put motorcycle on center stand

Most modern street motorcycles have a center stand as well as the side or “kick” stand. The center stand is handy in particular for a chain driven bike. After getting the bike ‘up’ on the center stand, lubricating the chain becomes a snap: just start the bike, pull the clutch in, put the bike in […]

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MMP 08: 9 Reasons to ride a motorcycle [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I share 9 reasons to own a motorcycle. I gave you 7 reasons NOT to own a motorcycle back in podcast #3, and I promised to give you the other side of the argument. Well, here it is. I’m always reluctant to advise someone to purchase a […]

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Motorcycle Mentor Gift Ideas

Your friends and family have probably already asked, “What do you want for Christmas?”

If you know, great. If you don’t, here’s a list of products I know you’ll enjoy.

The list is pretty short, because I’m extremely picky. Let me know what you think. Please post your suggestions too!

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motorcycle seat discomfort

How to keep moby dick happy on long motorcycle rides

The best way I know to introduce this somewhat delicate topic of motorcycle seat discomfort is with an anecdote from the dark, mysterious world of LDRs (long distance riders). These are the solitary individuals who chose the company of the distant horizon over that of their fellow man, obsessed with putting as much pavement behind […]

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best beginner motorcycle

MMP 07: Why understanding countersteering is so important [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I discuss countersteering and explain why I think it is one of the most important things you should understand… regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced rider. Countersteering is how you control your motorcycle: push right to go right, push left to go left. But […]

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MMP 06: Why I bought my first motorcycle at 59 – with Gay Allison [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, Gay Allison gives her perspective as a woman rider. She also tells us what her friends and family thought when she decided to purchase her first motorcycle at 59. Eric, Gay’s husband, contacted me via email several weeks ago and shared with me that Gay thought the […]

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Motorcycle Mentor Podcast

MMP 05: How to select your first (or next) motorcycle [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I share my 8 rules for selecting your first, or next, motorcycle. Follow these steps and avoid the pitfalls of buying a motorcycle that you later hate. The guidelines explained here work perfectly for selecting your second motorcycle, your third motorcycle… or your tenth motorcycle. These are […]

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riding a motorcycle

10 Commandments of riding a motorcycle

Here are 10 rules you need to follow when riding a motorcycle. Thy shall not ride before training Thy shall wear protective gear Thy shall understand the risks Thy shall always SEE Thy shall understand counter-steering Thy shall look where thy want to go Thy shall be mentally prepared to ride Thy shall use no […]

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Motorcycle Mentor Podcast

MMP 04: What to expect during your first ride in the rain with 9 ways to master it [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I share what you should expect during your first motorcycle ride in the rain. I also share 9 tips that will help you ride in the rain like a pro. My first ride in the rain was a surprise. The weatherman said there almost no chance of […]

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Motorcycle Mentor Podcast

MMP 03: 7 Reasons NOT to own a motorcycle [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I give you 7 reasons NOT to own a motorcycle. I realize this might sound strange coming from someone who is passionate about motorcycles, but I believe you should consider the facts before deciding to ride. If you have family members that aren’t excited about your new […]

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Motorcycle Mentor Podcast

MMP 02: 5 Things I’ve learned about beginner riders since starting [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I share 5 things I’ve learned about beginner riders since I started I bet you can’t guess what they are. I’ve heard from hundreds of beginning riders over the past few years. Do beginner riders experience similar feelings, struggles, and emotions during their first year? Find […]

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Motorcycle Mentor Podcast

MMP 01: The who, what and why of Motorcycle Mentor [Podcast]

In this first session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I explain who I am and why I started I also introduce my motorcycle mentors, Fred and Pete. I started in 2005. To say the site has gone through several iterations would be a gross understatement. In the early days I spent too much […]

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