Riding under the influence

I can recall two stand-out instances from my early days when riding under the influence could have ended my fun. Not alcohol; not controlled substances (these weren‘t on the radar where I grew up) — my riding was influenced by emotions. Raw, turbulent emotions twice produced close calls during my teen years which, in spite […]

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MMP 13: The best riders never stop learning – Interview with Randy Smith [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I speak with Randy Smith, also known as Motosage. Randy explains why (even after riding for 30 years) he still takes a hands-on motorcycle riding class at the beginning of every riding season. I really enjoyed speaking with Randy. He shares some great riding tips and stories. […]

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Motorcycle group riding tips: Ride your own ride

Every human has a sense of his or her own personal space. This specific and individual feeling will determine, for instance, how far we stand from another person in a conversation. The feeling (and thus the space) is driven by many things: the culture we live in (Europeans seem to have smaller personal spaces than […]

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How to drop your motorcycle [Part 2]

The previous tip makes the incorrect statement: “Stopped, the mishap almost always involves the side stand in some fashion.” On reflection, the side stand is a factor maybe half the time. Most of the other stop-n-drops involve poor footing. Fine gravel on smooth concrete is as treacherous underfoot as Teflon ball bearings, especially if your […]

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How to drop your motorcycle [Part 1]

There are only two occasions when “drop your motorcycle” is the applicable term: stopped and low-speed maneuvers. Any other time is a “crash.” Like the bumper sticker declares, “It Happens.” Stopped, the mishap almost always involves the side stand in some fashion: 1. You think the stand is down but it is, in fact, up. […]

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MMP 12: Motorcycle Insurance – How I Cut My Premiums in Half [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I explain how I cut my motorcycle insurance premiums in half. First, every rider needs to understand the major types of insurance: liability, comprehensive, and collision. Don’t worry if this sounds foreign, I’ll explain everything. NOTE: I’m not a licensed insurance agent. I’m simply reporting on my […]

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Honda CB750 project bike found on Craigslist – or so I thought

If you listened to Episode #10 of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, you know I’m looking for an old Honda CB750 to rebuild with my son. Well I found the perfect, not so perfect, motorcycle. It’s located just two hours away and it’s dirt cheap. So far so good. Learn more by watching the short video […]

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Gravel in a turn — What should you do?

You’re tailing your riding buddy on a fav back road when suddenly OHMIGOSH; he’s pointing wildly at gravel in the turn! He somehow makes it through (this should be a clue: he ain’t exactly Nicky Hayden now is he?)… but, now warned, what do you do? First, you’re not right on his tail, correct? Slow […]

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MMP 11: The Hurt Report – 10 Facts Every Motorcycle Rider Should Know About Crashing [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I explain why understanding the Hurt Report is one of the most important things ANY rider can do to reduce their risks. The Hurt Report is the most comprehensive study of motorcycle accidents ever conducted. It’s over three decades old, but the data is just as relevant […]

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THE Motorcycle Mentor now on Facebook

You spoke and I [finally] listened. UPDATE: Within minutes I had 25 “Likes”. Two days later I had 100… You rock! I still need your help. Please “Like” the page on Facebook (see link below). Thanks in advance for doing this. It really helps. While I was slow to jump on-board, Facebook is proving to […]

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How do I overcome this fear riding a motorcycle? [Question]

I received the following question via email I never rode a motorcycle until I was 51. I took the safety class, purchased a Yamaha Virago 250, and went practicing around the neighborhood. On my third ride I ventured out onto a wonder country road near my house. On the way back while stopping for a light, […]

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MMP 10: Motorcycle Helmets – The Difference between DOT, SNELL and ECE [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I explain the three major motorcycle helmet certifications. If you live in the United States, you should see a DOT on every motorcycle helmet. If it doesn’t show DOT, then it’s not a real helmet. Some helmets also have the SNELL symbol. I’ll explain the difference in […]

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Which motorcycle helmet should I buy? [Question]

I received the following question via email “Can you give me any advice on full-faced helmets? How much should I spend on it? This is my first bike and I do not know if I’m going to like this new experience. It’s used and I got it from a family member. However, the helmet is […]

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Riding two up: On the road tips… [Part 3]

Now that you’re on the road, you’re ready for a good time. Some simple do’s and don’ts will ensure your safety and enhance your fun. Here are some tips I’ve learned DO: Realize that you are not in control; rider #1 is. Accept and enjoy that you are rider #2; it’s a good thing. DO […]

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MMP 09: Low-side and high-side crashes and how to avoid them [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I explain low-side and high-side crashes, what causes them, and how you can avoid them. Both types of crashes are often single vehicle accidents, meaning the rider wrecks without having another vehicle involved. A little head knowledge – and some electronics – can help you avoid these […]

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