MMP 20: The Low Information Rider and How to Avoid Being One [Podcast]

In this session of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast, I describe what I call the “Low Information Rider.” You’ve seen the rider I’m talking about… the one that’s more concerned with the way he looks than he is with learning how to ride better.

Trust me. You don’t want to be this guy.

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More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:

  • 10 Characteristics of the low information rider.
  • The motorcycle crash I ran up on, and what I saw.
  • Why most listeners of the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast aren’t low information riders.

Resources and links mentioned in this session:

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5 Responses to MMP 20: The Low Information Rider and How to Avoid Being One [Podcast]

  1. Scott Foens July 6, 2014 at 9:11 pm #

    Wrote the following on the AMA and Victory Motorcycle Club Facebook pages back on March 23rd of this year. Thought it fit well with your podcast.

    “As the weather is warming, motorcycles are coming out of the garages and storage areas. I’ve had mine out too. No matter how one looks at the numbers, the probability of a motorcyclist being injured in an accident is greater than an automobile driver in the same accident. What does that mean? Ride responsibly. How do you know at a glance how responsible motorcycle rider is? Here’s the list:
    1) Are they wearing a DOT approved helmet?
    2) Are they wearing long pants?
    3) Are they wearing a jacket or long sleeves?
    4) Are they wearing boots or at least closed toe shoes?
    5) Are they wearing gloves?
    The more questions to which “yes” can be answered, the more responsible the rider is. Those items higher in the list carry more weight than those lower in the list.
    There are too many motorcyclists here in Iowa that abuse the privilege to ride by doing so irresponsibly. Wearing your gear isn’t compromising “freedom”, it’s about being an adult.”

    While there were twenty-four people who “like” my post, I was hammered by quite a few for being judgmental and intruding on their rights. While I doubt most of these folks would even bother listening to your podcast, I’m sure that there will be a few that will give you some blowback. You were right on with your assessment. Keep up the great work.

    • MotorcycleMentor July 7, 2014 at 2:03 am #

      @ Scott,
      Spot on… well said. I expected blowback on the podcast (and still do). But as you said, they probably don’t listen to the podcast. Reminds me of an article I wrote years ago about the Hayabusa not being a good first motorcycle. I didn’t expect much dissension… but someone posted the article on a Hayabusa forum and I received all sorts of hate mail. I’m going to re post that article sometime, just for fun.


  2. Evan Kooker July 7, 2014 at 12:29 am #

    Again you hit the nail on the head! The more I read, the more training I get, and the more information I try to soak up, people like that seem to pop up in front of me. I am amazed at how many people just ask someone how to ride or what to do when they ride, they don’t take the time to go to any type of training. The Low Information RIder is one of the scariest riders out there!

    • MotorcycleMentor July 7, 2014 at 1:46 am #

      @ Evan
      Thanks. It’s good to know others have noticed “them” too. Even though we all ride, I feel like I have very little in common with them. Sounds weird, but true.


  3. James David August 7, 2014 at 10:10 pm #


    I started listening to your podcast about a month ago. Started from the beginning and just finished this one last week. I have taken many of my first (or first in a long time) lessons from the podcast and this site.

    I read Proficient Motorcycling, took an MSF course, practiced my skills in empty parking lots and basically read and listened to everything I could get my hands on regarding bikes. I identified very strongly with your thoughts on The Fear. I valued the three part interview with Ed Becker greatly and took his information to heart; I am probably the only guy in Atlanta riding a cruiser in a full face Shoei.

    Regarding this podcast, specifically, I identify with the attitude. The attitude I bring to bikes now is very different from the one I started with on my first brush with the sport 14 years ago. Above the practice, books, lessons and gear the attitude is the best protection I have.

    Maturity is part of it but those first 20 podcasts did a lot to augment my current approach to bikes. I am a better and safer rider now and because of that fact I am having way more fun.

    Just wanted to say thanks for this podcast.


    P.S. Proficient Motorcycling was a great recommendation; maybe a podcast that discusses and rates other resources like it you have found in your return to riding is in order?

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